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Has COVID-19 Taken Down Coworking?

The last five months have thrown America into a stage where we are undergoing huge changes. With so many government mandated rules in how we can interact, the business world has had to adjust its operations to keep business moving and coworking spaces have not been immune to this. However, with some changes in practices and thinking, the future of coworking looks bright.

One of the biggest changes in practice has been space – distance. In order to even stay open in some states the layout has had to be re-worked to provide 6-foot space between members. This is actually a great change for the people working. It gives them a chance to spread out a bit more and lends to a bit more privacy in their work environment.  

To be safe and stop the spread of germs, including COVID-19, the cleaning policies have had to be reviewed. In some instances, that has led to changes in how things are sanitized. Although it may be a little more work on the owners of the coworking spaces, it provides their members with a healthier environment all around. This also shows how important the space is to everyone involved. As the owners and members work together to keep the space clean, more of a community is built.

This pandemic has closed the office doors of many businesses keeping their employees safe by sending them home to work. Which in turn has put the number of people working from home to levels our country has never before seen. All these remote workers have to work somewhere due to home office distractions. And coworking spaces will continue to be a great alternative. Coworking provides something that the members do not have at home – a community. The social isolation that is being experienced across the globe is not good for the human spirit or the work we produce. The sense of community changes that. Community gives us strength. As we walk the road together to a new way of doing business, coworking communities can lead the way.

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