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What Is Coworking?

Coworking is a lifestyle. As human beings we are programmed to want to be around people. Even introverts still enjoy the company of other people. This global movement toward remote working has flourished as technology continues to bring people around the world together. The term “coworker” no longer refers to the man or woman who works next to you at your job. It can now mean the person who sits next to you at your local coworking space in a total different field of work. Coworking spaces are that beautiful happy medium so that people don’t have to work from home, either in isolation or among a host of disruptions, or go a nearby coffee shop where they may or may not get a seat next to a power outlet. Coworking is connecting with those around you in a controlled workspace where everything is created to make you more productive. If you haven’t tried a coworking space and you are able to work remotely, check out a space near you and get plugged in to your local business ecosystem. These spaces have high speed (or gigabit) WIFI, networking opportunities, and coffee. There is a better way to work than from home.
Come check us out at Desktop Coworking Community in Kennesaw.

Perks of Desktop:

24/7 Access
Meeting Rooms
Business Mailbox
Blazing Wifi
Free Coffee
Phone Booths
Professional Printing
24/7 Access

First one in, last one out? We got you covered with our state-of-the-art 24/7 door access controller from Proximity Space. No matter what time you need to be productive, this system allows you to easily enter and exit the building whenever is the most convenient to you.

Meeting Rooms

Coworking members get 5 hours of meeting room time each month with their membership to reserve on the calendar. Get together with coworkers, sales teams, hold trainings, and brainstorm new ideas in our creative meeting spaces.

Business Mailbox

Need a place for your business to call home? Get a business address and have your business mail sent directly to your office. We have a mailroom that you can access anytime between 8am-6pm via the front desk.

Blazing Wifi

Business Class wifi just wasn’t good enough for us so we went out and got Gigabit speed. There isn’t anything on the market that is faster than that. Our network is not only blazing fast, but it’s vault-secure. Our Cisco Meraki access points allow us to provide network security that will put your mind at ease.

Free Coffee

Nothing powers creativity and productivity quite like coffee. Through our partnership with Kennesaw Coffee Company, our members enjoy free regular coffee on the house! Now you have no excuse not to be extra productive.

Phone Booths

We get it, privacy in a shared workspace seems like wishful thinking, but it’s not. We have three first-come-first-served phone booths for those times when you need to discuss matters that no one else needs to hear!

Professional Printing

Our SHARP Multi-Function Printer gives you access to all the printing you need. When you need to print and copy, we’re here for you.

Virtual Coworker
Separate your home and office
by registering Desktop as your official
business address
Join Now!
Daily Drop-in
Business Class Gigabit Wifi
Hot Desks & Soft Seating
Complimentary Artisan Coffee
8AM-6PM Access M-F
Join Now!

Do You Struggle With Consistent Productivity?

Desktop Coworking is designed for the modern day company. You will find sole proprietors, independent contractors, small business owners and growing startups here. It’s a place for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods of Kennesaw, Acworth, and Marietta to escape from their home office, or for small businesses that are looking for a central place to collaborate without the hassle of commuting to downtown Atlanta.

With private offices, dedicated workspaces, and shared space, Desktop Coworking offers a quiet, professional work environment. It has the benefit of your own space with the collaboration, networking, and social aspect that comes with shared common areas. Members can enjoy lunch meetings on the shaded patio or bring clients in for larger meetings in our private conference rooms.

AJ Caldwell

"The peace and quiet, mixed with an actual sense of community that Desktop provides is unique. I’m able to get tons of work done, while not feeling isolated, and I have a community to reach out to if I feel I need another professional’s input on a project."

AJ Caldwell Systems Administrator | Harmony Group ATL

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Meeting Rooms and Dedicated Offices

whiteLarge OfficeAccelerate room

Meeting Spaces

Available Offices
The Desktop Advantage

Guest Pass is an incredible feature available to members of Desktop Coworking who pay a recurring membership fee of $99 or more per month. It allows our members to visit other coworking spaces within the Proximity network up to three times per month for free. These visits may be all used at the same space, or at multiple spaces, and they do not roll over to the next month, so we encourage our members to use them. Make sure to check the map to see which spaces are a part of Guest Pass.