Have A Productive Day, Every Day

Workspace designed to eliminate distractions

Leave the distractions at home.

You don’t have to combine your work life and your home life. You can have one of each!

Restore your work-life balance.

You can have a productive day, every day!

1. Choose A Membership

Open Coworking Membership Options Meeting Room Membership Options Private Office Membership Options

2. Find A Workstation

Find a place to work in our space. Depending on your membership, we have open desks, offices, and meeting rooms.

3. Increase Productivity

Fuel up on coffee from our full-service coffee shop and work distraction-free, leading you to productive days, every day.

Membership options for every goal.

Open Coworking

Perfect for the start-up and the remote worker looking to eliminate home office distractions.

Private Offices

Designed for the remote worker who needs privacy but still wants to be a part of a vibrant coworking community.

Meeting Rooms

For those who simply need a professional setting to meet with clients or teams. Snag bulk meeting room hours at a discount price.

Productivity starts at Desktop.

If you want to increase productivity and restore your work-life balance or simply want a place to come get a few focused hours of work done …
let Desktop be your place. Home office distractions are costing you time and money! We know all about home office distractions, that’s why we created Desktop, not only to solve your problem but ours too.


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