What is Coworking?

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a beautiful thing. It combines the all the best parts of having an office space (affordability, flexibility, and creativity) without all the drags (extra fees, utility costs, long term contracts). It’s the happy medium between not having a long commute to the office and not being stuck at your house, either alone or distracted. Our growing community is full of entrepreneurs, salespeople, business owners, sole-proprietors, and former work-from-homers spanning several industries.

Coworking is a lifestyle. As human beings we are programmed to want to be around people. Even introverts still enjoy the company of other people. This global movement toward remote working has flourished as technology continues to bring people around the world together. The term “coworker” no longer refers to the man or woman who works next to you at your job. It can now mean the person who sits next to you at your local coworking space in a total different field of work. Coworking spaces are that beautiful happy medium so that people don’t have to work from home, either in isolation or among a host of disruptions, or go a nearby coffee shop where they may or may not get a seat next to a power outlet. Coworking is connecting with those around you in a controlled workspace where everything is created to make you more productive.

If you haven’t tried a coworking space and you are able to work remotely, check out a space near you and get plugged in to your local business ecosystem. These spaces have high speed (or gigabit) wifi, networking opportunities, and coffee.

Coworking is also much more than just a creative place to work and grow your business. It’s a place of community where members get to make meaningful connections every day. There are always new people joining that are introduced into the community which always creates more opportunity for friendships, networking, and trading business back and forth.

Memberships have flexible month-to-month payment plans at an affordable price. At desktop, our monthly membership is just $99. That’s less than you are probably paying for your home internet package right now. Did we mention it comes with free coffee from Kennesaw Coffee Co?

It’s time to get out of your home office, kitchen table, living room sofa, or basement dungeon and into a thriving coworking space that will motivate you, encourage you, support your goals, and allow you to make the meaningful connections that you need to grow your business.


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