Who Joins Coworking Spaces?

Who Joins Coworking Spaces?

Ever driven by a coworking space and thought yourself, “I wonder what type of business are located in there?” Well here ya go. I’m going to tell you all about the types of business and people that are found inside any given coworking space.

  1. Developers : You may have guessed this one. The world of development is by default a lonely one. It can be done from anywhere and it typically ends up with lots of them working from their basements and couches. Naturally, coworking spaces offer them the connectivity, security, and atmosphere they need along with the community they want to be a part of. Working alone is nice at times, but all day every day gets old quickly.
  2. Marketing Agencies & Freelancers : These can either be solos or small teams. Coworking spaces are hot beds for marketers because they boast a variety of business to offer services to. Having a local marketing agency is also a great benefit for the companies located inside because they have such easy access to their outsourced agency. Building a strong relationship between these to mediums generally makes for great relationships.
  3. Web Dev/SEO : Web and SEO solo-preneurs love coworking spaces for the same reason that marketers do. Most companies understand that they need to be online with a good website, but many of them don’t understand SEO well enough to know how badly they need it. Since most website builders offer an SEO package as well and are able to create a nice upsell to the clients that need websites.
  4. Anything Tech : Coworking spaces are crawling with tech people. This ranges across the tech spectrum from AWS, Analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. If you walk into any coworking space and ask for someone in “tech” you are going to be greeted by dozens of people.
  5. Entrepreneurs : There is no limit to the range of coworkers. Our coworking space here in Kennesaw is host to salespersons, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, travels agents, wellness professionals, mentors and life coaches, corporate trainers, etc.

The entire ecosystem of a city can feed off coworking spaces because they offer such a wide variety of services and opportunities. Many of the coworkers farm out work to each other and refer business back and forth. Curious? Come check us out at the corner of Jiles Rd. and Main Street in Kennesaw.

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